Wednesday, 17 March 2010


We've just finished watching this classic again, and we can tell you, it never gets old. If you fancy watching Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell frolicking about beside the sea, you need this movie! For pure fashion perfection, check out Goldie's fabulous cruising outfits, an inspiration to all.

The film follows Joanna Stayton (Goldie Hawn) a wealthy and pompous socialite who refuses to pay a local carpenter (Kurt Russell) for building her a closet. Fate steps in and Joanna is accidentally thrown overboard her yacht. As a result of the fall, Joanna gets amnesia and is left in the hospital by her husband. The carpenter sees this as his chance to get back some of his money she owes him and takes her to his home where he convinces her she is his wife, mother to his five kids and loves housework.

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