Thursday, 11 March 2010

Luggage Label Lust

If you're planning a trip away in the next months, you've still got plenty of time to make your luggage memorable. Long gone will be the days of picking up someone else's bag off the carousel and placing it back sheepishly, stylish help is at hand.

Luggage labels, are back.

If you want your bags to say boost me up to first class, you need a book of lovely labels. Add something special to your new holiday case or make your beaten one shabby chic rather than just shabby.

Here's our pick of the best books of labels around:

Penny Vedrenne does a great range that are available on play.

But your best bet for choice is Amazon who sell books of labels by vintage veteran Carol Belanger-Grafton.

This box of Exotic Destination luggage labels costs just £5.46 also from Amazon.

Old-fashioned Luggage Labels by Carol Belanger-Grafton is a must-have book at only
£5.39 from Amazon.

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