Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Land Ahoy! A New River Island Wardrobe On The Horizon

We've been busy lately, trying to drag our eyes away from the River Island website without pressing 'buy' on our shopping basket. It's hard work trying to resist such fabulous sea-faring fancies in such quantities. That's right, River Island have gone classically cruise-wear online this month, and we think you need to see. To view their whole collection and pick out some pieces for yourself click here. Otherwise let us take you on a little journey, through what we like to call, heaven


Stripy chic has officially hit River Island this month with blazers, dresses and tees to suit every figure. The addition of lace contrasting the strong military themes makes for some beautiful juxtaposing, we love it!

This striped bodycon dress, does sexy without being revealing. The lace and button detailing means it's a perfect piece to wear day or night. With long sleeves and hemline it's a solid investment as it'll take you right throughout spring to early Autumn without even a shiver. Wear with flip flops or some fabulous mid-heels this season and team with thick tights or leggings and a fabulous pair of boots come Autumn. £34.99.

Be so now, with this nautical print 'flippy skirt'. Summer's ultimate skirt crush is being snapped up everywhere and we think this is your skirt staple. The cutesy flirty shape is holiday heaven and with some patent pumps it's to dive for. £24.99.

This long-sleeved laid-back tee is slum-out gold, without being old. Post-beach cover-up for those who've over-indulged in the sun, it's soft enough for your sun-burnt body. For £16.99 it's a steal, incorporating nautical and military medals and a nod to Alice In Wonderland with its keys and pocket watch motifs.

This bold beauty is bang on trend. Polka dots, rope detailing, shoulder pads, stripes, it's a fun-filled fashion package. Adaptable to wear with your favourite jeans or paired with leggings and some high heels for £24.99 you'll more than get your wear out of it. We think it'd look even better teamed with an oversized pendant.

A nautical blazer is the only jacket to be seen in this season, with high street shops trying to out-do the classic navy with stripes, corsages and print linings. This is one of our favourites, smart enough for the office, laid-back enough to be worn baggy as a Boyfriend jacket. At £34.99 it's not a bad price and even features a little embroidered anchor. Awww.

Nothing says nautical like a vintage boating photo, and that's just what features on this cute little River Island tee. At £16.99 it's a lovely little addition to a capsule wardrobe where you can layer it up or dress it down with some navy harems and a charm necklace.


This is our favourite two-piece of the season. Sold separately, it's ideal for those with bigger bosoms than bums and vice versa. The halter top is supportive enough to stay put on a water slide and still look classic. With the choice of a pant with a little more coverage available, even the most self-conscious senoritas can feel fabulous in this bootylicious bikini. Top £14.99, bottoms £9.99 or £12.99.


My admittedly large addiction to shoes has never been so prominent as now. I never quite knew how addicted I was until I was almost asked to leave the store, after parading around in these £59.99 beauties for an hour without buying them. So
classically styled they make you want to weep salty vintage tears, one day, they will be mine.

If it's something a little bit more under-stated you want, try these little babies. Being mid-heel your hard-partied feet will love you for them and there's almost nothing they won't match. At £44.99 they're not cheap, but how can you resist that cutesy bow and peep-toe combo?


Where in the world would your wonderful wardrobe be without some anchor accessories? No, we don't know either. River Island's jewellery collection is all about glamour this season with marine paraphernalia around the neck of everyone who's anyone.

These vintage diamante squares are nautical and vintage in equal parts. Never has there been a pair of earrings to define a genre as well as these define the golden age of travel. At £7.99 they look deceptively expensive, a worthwhile buy for designer look-a-like style.

At £5.99 this little piece of wrist candy is your next port of call. While pearls may forever be a stead-fast companion to your nautical wardrobe, this is a piece pure upmarket magic.

These anchor diamante studs are sheer sailing chic. Low key enough for a day by the pool, but dying for a day out on a yacht, they'll be your new best friends, and at £4.99 who says money can't buy you mates?

Nothing short of a knuckleduster this nautical nicety is cheeky chic and we like it. This plastic and metal finger medallion will look perfect on a polished finger for £5.99, manicure anyone?

Ahh, the piece de resistance. It's great to have some user suggested content and here's exhibit A. A great suggestion by a Nautical Lovers fan, describing it as perfect to 'mesmerise any mermaid'. We like that, do you want a job? £9.99.

For a nouveau twist on pearls, give these drop earrings a look. Shell-shaped and encrusted with diamante these are golden beach glamour. Costing £9.99, they look £99.99, snap them up before they go!

Now you may be wondering whether we've forgotten that it's March, and for a lot of the country it's still not very warm. Fear not, if you're sea-faring still in all weather conditions, it doesn't mean you have to look washed-up. This River Island nautical beanie is a cosy, fashionable alternative to a fisherman's cap. At £16.99 it'll wash and wash and the little silver anchor and bow are sure to put a smile on your face, even after the worst days at sea.

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